Exhibition screenplays at;

-L’ARC National Theatre of Burgundy / France
-Cinema Le Morvan - Le Creusot

INFLUENCE: In this video dance project I chose to use visuals that we have always carelessly being met in our daily lifes; reflections, water waves, birds, light, sun, moon... The idea itself is to show how common objects are dancing with The Earth rhythm in Cosmos. As we human sees the earth time so relatively which may be thousands, millions,billions of multiplies for a common object in space, which is represented by "Rite of spring", Stravinsky...
BACKGROUND: This project began with 100th anniversary of past century s masterpiece "Rite of spring" by Stravinsky. Rite of spring was a ballet performance which was first performed by Nijinsky at 1913, Stravinsky himself had described The Rite of Spring as "a musical-choreographic work, referring pagan Russia ..." It was a revolutionary piece for that time and audience reactions were not very much welcoming at the beginning. But a century has already begun for the modern ballet. As the time passed, this ballet has been re-performed numerous times.

Earth Dancing from umut vedat on Vimeo.